Celebrating over 200 years as a Dairy Farm and
20 years serving Ice Cream to the Hudson Valley!

Now Open and Scooping for the 2024 Season!

The finest homemade ice cream, ice cream waffle cones, ice cream cake,
and ice cream pies available in the Hudson Valley region for over 20 years!
Trip Advisor ranks Bellvale Creamery among the Top 10% Ice Cream Parlors in the world!

Open During These 2024 Holidays:  Mother’s Day May 12, 12-9PM | May 27 Memorial Day 12- 8 PM | Father’s Day June 16, 12-9 pm | July 4th 12- 9 pm | Sept 2, Labor Day 12-8 pm | Oct 14 Columbus Day 12-8 pm | APRIL-MAY: Mon-Tue-Wed Open 12-8PM; Thu-Sun: 12-9PM | JUNE-JULY-AUGUST: Open daily, 12-9 | SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 30: Mon-Tue-Wed 12-8 pm; Thu-Sun 12-9 pm

Bellvale Creamery Menu

Bellvale Creamery Menu

Many Flavors Made Each Day. Click Below for Today’s Available Flavors!

Bellvale Creamery on the top of Mount Peter is a “must-stop,” even for hikers on the Appalachian Trail, which passes through from New Jersey into Harriman State Park. Their ice cream is beyond fabulous, attests this writer – homemade – with dangerously addictive, yummy flavors, (one with chunks of fudge inside) and the view over Warwick is great. –

The Creamery is located at 1390 Route 17A, Warwick, NY. Open April 1 through October 30. Open at noon every day; closing time depends on the season. Featuring homemade ice cream served in cones, sundaes, or homemade waffles cones. 50 flavors, plus ice cream cakes, pies, and take-home quarts!

Please Note: We love your pets as much as you do but we don’t allow them inside the creamery. Thank you.

What’s New at Bellvale Creamery?

Food Network

Food Network

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Business Insider and Yelp

Both organizations rank Bellvale Creamery among top Ice Cream Shops in the US.

Bellvale Farms Creamery

I’m not going to lie—the Coconut ice cream is the only flavor that I’ve tried at Bellvale Farms Creamery (even though I’ve visited at least 5 times!). I ordered it on my first trip, and it was so rich, coconutty and crunchy that I can’t imagine ordering anything else whenever I go. It’s that good! As the name implies, this frozen treat starts with a coconut base (handmade daily!) and features a delicious surprise: a generous dose of chocolate covered almonds mixed throughout. I don’t live too far from Warwick, NY but would happily make the trip from any distance for a scoop of this ice cream and a chance to take in the view—the creamery is located on top of Mount Peter and seeing the Hudson Valley from that vantage point is absolutely amazing.

Celebrating Over 200-Years as a Dairy Farm

Near the Appalachian Trail and
Scenic Greenwood Lake, New York