About Bellvale Farms: Our Bicentennial Year 1819-2019!

Learn more about Bellvale Farms, its philosophy, and its achievements:

Since 1819, Bellvale Farms has provided fine quality dairy products throughout the Hudson Valley region. throughout seven continuous generations of family farming!

  • The Bellvale Farms Dairy Barn is the first Dairy of Distinction in Orange County, NY. Tours are available at 12:30PM Sundays from June through October, by appointment. It takes a lot of hard work to keep a farmstead not only tidy, but pretty. In between chores and crops, farmers try to keep the lawn mowed, flower beds full, and farm equipment and spare parts put away. After rain storms it’s especially tricky to keep mud under control – but they try hard to do so because it’s not only their farm, it’s where they live.
  • Farmers that are successful in keeping their farm beautiful may be considered over achievers to some, but to others they are considered a Dairy of Distinction.
  • The Dairy of Distinction Program is based on the concept that attractive farmsteads enhance consumer confidence in the dairy industry. The program recognizes the hard work and dedication of dairy owners and operators who have attractive, well kept farms and promote a good image for the dairy industry. Bellvale Farms was the first to receive the diary of distinction  award over 25 years ago and has been recognized every year since.
  • During October 2011, Bellvale Farms was presented with the Sustainable Agriculture Award from Orange Environment. Bellvale Farms received this prestigious award for its “Commitment to sustainable farming practices including diversifying grain crops, working with the Warwick Valley Winery to provide them with locally produced grains, and returning their dairy products and crops as value-added products to benefit the local community.”
  • Bellvale Farms participates in a rigorous program of water and soil conservation.
  • Bellvale Farms is a Super Milk” Program Award Recipient. Super Milk was started in 1990 by the Empire State Milk Quality Council (ESMQC) to recognize those dairy farmers who go above and beyond the high quality standards maintained in New York herds. To become a “Super” Milk award recipient, producers must meet certain criteria. These include a bulk tank somatic cell count of 250,000 or less in at least ten out of twelve official monthly samples. Milk inspectors must nominate producers by March 1st. To obtain these criteria producers follow recommended milking procedures, have well maintained and sanitary equipment and keep their cows clean and dry.
    The “Super” Milk program continues to receive wide recognition from the industry and is important to dairy producers. Collaborations are ongoing with other groups on the Cornell campus and throughout the SUNY system