Mint Chip

Great White Way-White chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirl and dark chocolate chunks

Butter Pecan(contains nuts)

Coffee Contains  cappuccino chips

Cookies & Cream (contains Gluten)

Cookie Dough(contains Gluten)

Aztec Chocolate-Spicy chocolate with a hint of cinnamon

Bellvale Bog- Dark chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl and brownie dough.(contains gluten)

Coconut- Coconut ice cream with chocolate -covered almonds.(contains almonds)

Appalachian Crunch-Sweet cream ice cream with a hint of caramel and granola.(contains gluten)

Calf Trax- Vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and peanut butter swirl(contains peanuts)

Salty Caramel Crunch- Vanilla ice cream with crunchy butter candy and salty caramel swirl.

Greek Style frozen yogurt(Sold out of quarts. Hope to have back in stock soon.)

Low carb chocolate chip

Quarts of Low carb Creme Brulee

Strawberry Sorbet