Cookies & Cream(Contains gluten)

Coffee(Coffee ice cream with cappuccino pieces)

Cookie Dough(Contains gluten)

Butter Pecan(contains nuts)

Coconut-(Coconut ice cream with chocolate covered almonds)

Cherry Vanilla

Pistachio (contains nuts)

Mint Chip

Calf Trax(Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirl and mini peanut butter cups)-Contains peanuts

Salty Caramel Crunch(Vanilla ice cream with salty caramel swirl and butter candy(Contains NO nuts)

Bellvale Bog(Dark chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks and fudge swirl) Contains gluten

Sโ€™mores(Sโ€™mores ice cream with fudge swirl and mini marshmallows)Contains Gluten

BlackBerry Blackout(Red Raspberry ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl)Contains Gluten & soy)

Watermelon Sorbet

Greek Style frozen yogurt

Low Carb chocolate chip

Sold Out of Great White Way for immediate future