Mint Chip

Cookies & Cream


Cookie Dough

Maple Cinnamon(Maple ice cream with cinnamon graham swirl.)

Salty Caramel Crunch(Vanilla ice cream with salty caramel swirl and butter candy(Contains NO nuts)

Bellvale Bog(Dark chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks and fudge swirl) Contains gluten

Great White Way(White chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirl and dark chocolate chunks)

Pralines & Cream(Pralines are cooked pecans and brown sugar)Contains nuts

Rum Cake(Caribbean yellow cake with rum flavor(no alcohol)

Cantaloupe Sorbet(no dairy)

Greek Style Yogurt

Low Carb Dulce de Leche

Calf Trax(Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirl and mini peanut butter cups) Contains peanuts

Please note this is our selection of flavors for waffle cones, milk shakes, floats, sundaes. We don’t have all of these flavors in quarts for take home. The demand has been huge for quarts.  We make quarts when we are making the flavor which makes for better quality ice cream. We don’t hand pack quarts. So please be patient as we make ice cream every day.!