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It's always time for ice cream!

Serving the community for over 10 years!

Bellvale Farms Celebrates


Ask about our ice cream cakes.

New flavors are available when we've perfected them!

Bellvale Farms Celebrates

Waffle Cones

A perfect container.

Caution: The fragrance of freshly-made waffle cones could overwhelm you upon entering our store!

Bellvale Farms Creamery

Great White way

A Bellvale favorite.

Great White Way begins with white chocolate ice cream. But then we take it up a notch by adding dark chocolate chunks and raspberry swirl!

Bellvale Farms Creamery ingredients

Peach Ice Cream

Spectacular summer treat.

Our Peach ice cream uses real peach flavors; Maple Cinnamon is made with real maple syrup and fresh ground cinnamon.

Bellvale Farms seasonal fruits for the finest flavors

Special Ingredients

Enhance old favorites.

We add ingredients like Oreos® to some of our homemade flavors, to give it a familiar twist.

Raise your hand if you like Oreos!

Bellvale Dairy Farm

Bellvale Farms, the first Dairy of Distinction in Orange County, is home to 125 registered Holstein cows and a growing family of Jersey cows, too. Bellvale Farms is a registered breeder, in the Top 25 BAA. Tel: 845-986-3030 for more info.

Bellvale Crop Farm

Bellvale's famous Pumpkin Patch opens on weekends only, and on Columbus Day, during October, 11am to dusk. Warwick Valley farmers have supplied fresh produce to a growing number of New York City residents, as well as many fine, upscale restaurants.

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Bellvale Creamery

Hours: September-October hours: Open daily at noon, until-8PM, Mon-Wed; until 9PM Thu-Sun. The aroma of fresh-baked waffle cones greets you as you walk through the door, followed by delectable, seasonal berries that could be in any one of the more than 20 flavors of ice cream made from the finest cream from Bellvale's, award-winning dairy farm.