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Joe Brady, Dragonfly Studios, used with permission
Joe Brady, Dragonfly Studios, used with permission

Farm tours and consumer education

Tour the Bellvale Farms Dairy

The Bellvale Farms Dairy Barn is the first “Dairy of Distinction” in Orange County, NY. Tours are available at 12:30PM Sundays from June through October. For more info or to make a reservation, call 845-988-5414. The Bellvale Farms Dairy Farm is located at 75 Bellvale Lakes Road, Warwick, NY, one mile from The Creamery.

Learn More about how Bellvale Farms is Bringing Transparency to the Farm

By Jessica Ziehm, New York Animal Ag Coalition

Note: The Buckbee and Noteboom families strongly believe in transparency and have taken the lead in Orange County, NY by educating consumers about farming in general and in dairy farms, in particular.

“Why do you take the calves away from their mamas?”

“Why are their tails are so short?”

“Why are dairy farms so big these days?”

“Will the mom and baby ever reunite on the farm?”

“How do dairy farmers make any money?”

“What happens to the boy calves?”

Every question asked of the agriculture industry is an opportunity to educate the consumer. And that is exactly why the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) has been working so diligently to make itself – and farmers – more accessible to the public.

The mission of NYAAC is to reconnect the public’s understanding of and appreciation for animal agriculture through media engagement, public education and fostering cooperation between industry stakeholders. In order to make that connection, we must first establish relationships with the public. We must establish a sense of trust. The most effective way to establish trust with consumers, according to the Center for Food Integrity, is to provide transparency.

The word transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. It means operating in a way that is easy for others to see our actions and the ‘why’ behind them. As important as it is, transparency can also be uncomfortable because it makes us susceptible to criticism. That’s where NYAAC comes in. Read more>> Dec2014GrassrootsWeb 20